Sunday, February 8, 2009

S.P. Sullivan on Natty Light Vikings

Fellow UMasser and Collegian Staff member, S.P. Sullivan, keeps a blog called UMass 101 on He linked to his post about the Natty Light Vikings he encountered on Facebook so I checked it out.

Sullivan went to Amherst Community Television's Winterfest and captured the Amherst spirit in the process. He took a great video and pics of the event.

I commented on the post:

Posted by akmurray on 02/08/09 at 9:41PM

What an Amherst esque story. Great that you captured it.

Ummm. I'm not that good of a commenter. But I liked his post because no one else is going to have that story, it's so unique to the area and a very quirky thing to cover.

Here's his video:

Natty-Light Vikings put 30-racks to good use

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