Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Postal Service Woes

Today I was at the post office where I realized what the full effects of their potential cutbacks will be.

To the Huffington Post article about the Post Office problems, I replied:


Today I went to my local post office and with three postal tellers working, we had a a sizeable line of 8 people or so. One of the customers had been talking to the teller and he told her that all three of them were in danger of losing their jobs to lay-offs, in addition to the postage increase. I can't imagine the place operating without them!

Cutting down to 5 days of service wouldn't be so bad I guess. Everything is just becoming more automated and technological.

This article is a little old, but the subject is very interesting to me. The Postal Service may cut their service to 5 days per week, their increase in postage by 2 cents is happening May 11, and there is potential for even the local Northampton office to cut back on jobs.

I will be watching for replies to my comment but I don't expect much.

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