Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Letters to the Editor #2

I also don't write for the NYTimes, in case you didn't know, so I figured that I would give writing them a shot. I responded to “Citing Costs, States Consider Halting Death Penalty” by Ian Urbina.

To The Editor:

In the article “Citing Costs, States Consider Halting Death Penalty”, two issues near and dear to my heart were covered.
I have always thought that the death penalty was unjust because of the risk in taking an innocent person’s life. In the state of our economy, it makes perfect sense to stop spending on both an extremely costly and risky program.
The other proposal is letting out low-risk offenders up to 90 days early. Numerous low level, petty crimes like marijuana dealing are not worth taxpayers’ money at this time, we have a lot more than doobies to worry about.
I hope to see a lot more states considering these cost saving options in the near future.
Once again, I thought that this topic would be of high interest and it also prompted a response out of me so I went for it. I googled nytimes letters to the editor and found the email address and also the advice to keep letters to them shorter than 150 words, which I did. I think it has a moderate chance of being run because one, I said the word "doobie" in it, and two, the article wasn't the most popular so hopefully there aren't a lot of responses. I'll keep you guys updated.